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A power of attorney is a legal document that provides for who will make decisions for you should you be unable to do so yourself. These documents can take effect upon creation but generally only come into effect when you are unable to act for yourself.

There are two common types of powers of attorney that I advise all clients to create

The first is the Power Of Attorney For Finance.

This document allows someone to make financial decisions for you, everything from paying daily bills to selling property. Needless to say whoever has this decision should be someone that you can trust.

In most cases where the client is a married couple the primary person named under the power of attorney is the spouse. Although a spouse is usually able to control joint bank accounts, there are some special things like benefit plans at work can only be changed by the person themselves.

In cases where the client is not married it is even more important to have a power of attorney in place so it is clear who would make decisions for you.

The second common document is the Power Of Attorney For Healthcare.

This document is similar to the POA for Finance but covers medical situations. It allows the person holding the power to make decisions ranging from simple medical procedure all the way up to deciding whether to keep life support active. Again, you want this to be someone you can trust, for obvious reasons.

In both cases it is very important to have these documents in place. Even with married couples, hospitals and banks will usually require a POA for long term control.
Powers Of Attorney
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